Kombilo Package for Mac OS X

User pleiade67 in the LifeIn19x19 forum packaged Kombilo for Mac OS X to allow for a very easy installation: Just download and unpack the zip file below, and start the program.

The package uses Wine (and WineBottler) to package the Windows version of Kombilo and the required libraries into a package that can be used on Mac OS X.

When I tried it (on a MacBook Pro around 5 years old) the program ran noticeably slower than the native version, but I might have been doing something wrong. In any case, it's a great way to try what Kombilo can do before taking the slightly more involved path of installing the native Mac version.

Download: kombilo-084.app.zip (80MB)

Unpacking the zip file, you get a folder kombilo-084.app which serves as an executable program.