List of go players

Over the last few weeks, I have assembled a list of (mostly professional) go players, some basic biographical information (date of birth/death, rank progression) and of different spellings of their names in different languages.

Take a look!

There are several reasons why I think this list will be useful:

  • When using Kombilo with games from several SGF collections, it is currently difficult to search for all games of some player, because her/his name might be spelled differently (e.g., Yi Se-tol versus Lee Sedol)
  • It can eventually also serve to translate/transscribe player names into languages other than English (e.g., for many players' names, the list already has the Chinese version, coming from, and the Russian version, coming from
  • Using this information, it is much easier to compare different SGF collections and search for inconsistencies (e.g., the same game occurring in several databases where the black/white players are mixed up or are entirely different).

The data is openly available (CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication), and I hope that others will have more ideas how to put it to good use. You can download the data in JSON format. There is also a REST API to access that data.

Contributions are welcome! There are probably quite a few errors in the data (erroneous spellings, wrong dates, ...), and definitively many pieces of information could be added on top of what I have so far.

Thanks are due to Andries Brouwer, RĂ©mi Coulom, John Fairbairn and Mace Lee for useful suggestions and/or permission to use data from their projects.