American Go Association

Besides information about the AGA, this website also has a calendar of go events, and a large list of links.

European Go Federation

Go in Russia

English homepage of the Russian Go Federation, Russian news in English

International Go Federation

British Go Association

Apart from information about the BGA, this site also has a large section on various go-related resources, e.g. very comprehensive lists of go servers, and of go playing computer programs.

Fédération Francaise de Go

The website of the French Go Association. Among other things, you can play 9x9 games against GNU Go there.

Nihon Kiin

The English version of the home page of the Nihon Kiin.

Deutscher Go-Bund

The German Go Association.

European Go Centre

From the page: "The goal of the European Go Centre is the promotion of Go in Europe. The Go centre aims to inform the general public in Europe about the existence, background and rules of the ancient game of Go."

Russian Go Federation (non-official website)

Russian Go news, history, interviews, magazine (eng/rus)

South African Go Clubs

Information about go in South Africa, and general links related to go.

Nederlandse Go Bond

The Dutch Go Federation.

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