Go-related weblogs and discussion forums.

Sensei's Library

A Wiki about the game of go: everybody can add comments, and corrections, or even create new pages. Created in November 2000 by Arno Hollosi and Morten Pahle, it now (August 2006) contains close to 14,000 pages, and is steadily growing further.

Life in 19x19

From the web site: "This site is all about Go (aka weiqi, baduk), a strategy based board game. This non-profit, ad-free, site is dedicated to the world-wide GO Community. Please share any and all suggestions you may have to improve your experience here. Thanks for visiting our site. Please enjoy communicating with your fellow GO peers all around the world."

Go in Russia

English homepage of the Russian Go Federation, Russian news in English

Go On

A french go forum.

Revue française de go

The journal of the French go association, including an archive of previous issues, a blog, and other resources around go in France

Go of Ten

The blog of Antti Törmänen from Finland, now 1d pro in Japan.

Forum FFG

A French go forum

A go social network, run by Alexander Dinerchtein.

Let’s Go v2

Chengdu weiqi center

One Liberty Short

Alejo's Tenuki

Mostly designed to beginners, this blog focuses on reviews of software while leaving some space for tsumegos and game reviews.

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