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A strong open source go engine, initiated and mainly developed by Petr Baudis


An open-source minimalistic Go Engine, based on Monte Carlo playouts, written in Python.

The algorithm is between 500 and 600 lines of code only. This is a great source for understanding how to apply Monte Carlo type algorithms to building a go playing program.

By Petr Baudis, the creator of Pachi.

Computer go info

Lots of information around computer go. Maintained by Nick Wedd.


An open source Javascript library for SGF viewing, editing, etc.

GoStyle Project

The goal of the project is to investigate computer analysis of databases of Go game (Baduk, Weichi) records using computer data-mining algorithms. Includes a web app to analyze a player's style from a collection of her/his games.


From the site: "OpenGo is intended as a workbench for programmers interested in the challenges of writing automated Go opponents."

Bruno Bouzy

The go program Indigo. Links to other resources and projects.

Searches, tree pruning and tree ordering in Go


A free, open-source, go-playing program.

5x5 go is solved

Erik van der Werf's announcement to the computer go mailing list.

Computer go bibliography

... maintained by Markus Enzenberger.

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