Software for playing

Computer programs which play go.


By RĂ©mi Coulom, distributed commercially by Unbalanced Corporation.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android.


A strong open source go engine, initiated and mainly developed by Petr Baudis


Drago is an SGF viewer/editor which you can also use to work through problems (like uliGo) and to play against GnuGo. Windows. Freeware.


An open-source minimalistic Go Engine, based on Monte Carlo playouts, written in Python.

The algorithm is between 500 and 600 lines of code only. This is a great source for understanding how to apply Monte Carlo type algorithms to building a go playing program.

By Petr Baudis, the creator of Pachi.


A strong Go playing program combining advances in Go programming and further original research into a small, easy to use graphical interface.

Freely available. Graphical interface for Windows. Commandline engine with GTP interface for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux.


Currently the strongest Go Engine, by DeepMind - not available for playing, but they have some of the game records of AlphaGo's games

AGA Go Software Link Collection

Links to many go playing programs


Written by Anders Kierulf. Commercial (there is a free demo version). Windows.


A free, open-source, go-playing program.


Commercial go playing engine. Windows.

Seems a little outdated now (2016)

The Many Faces of Go

Written by David Fotland. "Many Faces" was one of the first go programs. Commercial (but see the free 9x9 version, Igowin). Windows.


A free 9x9 version of David Fotland's program "The Many Faces of Go". Windows.

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